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Helping life sciences organizations improve their manufacturing strategy, negotiation strategy, and PMO/PMI. 



Manufacturing Strategy

Greater confidence in your future when significant resources are at stake:

  • Should you continue to rely on CDMOs or build a new manufacturing facility?

  • What are the key financial and strategic factors that drive such a decision? 

  • What is the best way to enter the US market as a foreign life sciences company? 

  • How do we compare labor costs, tax incentives, real estate options, and opex across different states?  

Negotiation Advisory

Unlock hidden value and close deals faster:

  • What moves can you make ahead of your negotiations to give you more leverage?

  • What are different strategies for identifying greater value in your negotiations? 

  • How can you "un-stick" problematic conversations and even accelerate them towards agreement?

  • How can you improve relationships with your investors, board members, and regulatory authorities? 


Leadership for your program management and better results from your major projects:

  • How can a PMO coordinate and drive major initiatives without adding bureaucracy and frustrating staff?

  • How can we integrate a new acquisition so that it actually accomplishes the target synergies?

  • What does it take for a PMO to achieve buy-in and work effectively across functions and personalities? 

  • What kind of PMO is needed to drive a new culture of cost discipline and quality obsession? 
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Sample Experience

Buy-vs-Build for an Allogeneic Gene Therapy Biotech 

Drove the financial forecasting, scenario-generation, and strategic assessment of a $200m+ buy-vs-build question for the CMC team of a rapid-growth CRISPR biotech company. 

Buy-vs-Build for an Autologous Gene Therapy Biotech 

Advised the finance and CMC teams on whether to increase capacity at their CDMO partners or build out their first major manufacturing plant.

Manufacturing PMO for Global Pharma 

Set-up and led a PMO for the US manufacturing plant of a global pharma company, improving plant governance and project accountability.

Negotiation Strategy for an AI Discovery Platform

Advised the CEO of an AI discovery platform on negotiation strategy vis-a-vis Big Pharma strategic partners.

Clinical Development PMO for Global Biotech 

Supported product strategy for a leading mRNA biotech during Covid-19, playing Chief of Staff across multiple functions and framing strategic trade-offs for management. 

Negotiation Strategy for an LNP Biotech

Supported the founders of an LNP company with out-licensing to several Big Pharma companies.  

Market Strategy for a Consumer Genetics Company

Revamped the business model and investor strategy for a genetics startup so it could focus on a significantly larger target market in a more cost-effective way.

Negotiation Strategy for a Global Energy Giant

Advised deal teams on license extensions, stakeholder management, internal approvals, and M&A in Asia.

Agricultural Fields


Jeffrey Hugh Christiansen
Managing Director

Jeff is a former Bain & Company consultant with a passion for advising on negotiations, and managing complex projects, in the life sciences. He founded ValCap Life Sciences in 2019.   

Over the past 16 years, he has worked across four continents in a range of capacities, from private equity investing and capacity-building to project management and large-scale change programs. Since 2006, he has taught courses, led workshops, and advised on negotiations.

His negotiation advisory is based on ideas developed at the Program on Negotiation -- a consortium of Harvard, MIT, and Tufts and a pioneer in interdisciplinary thinking on negotiation strategy since 1983 -- as well as his broad industry and geographic experience.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, he worked with world-shaping organizations to support the development and commercialization of the mRNA vaccine, along the way developing an even deeper appreciation for how innovation -- and effective execution -- can deliver amazing results. 


Jeff studied at Washington University in St. Louis, Georgetown, and Oxford.  


He speaks French, Arabic, and basic Mandarin, and resides in New York City. 

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